“Jungle Street Zoo City”

Numerous visitors have now taken a look at the exhibition “Jungle Street Zoo City” of the Chair of Information Systems and New Media at the University of Siegen. The exhibition was open from 10-23 August 2018.
Young (street) artists showed paintings, murals, photos and video installations. The exhibition was about self-realization in a cage, beauty behind bars, real life in the wrong place. The young artists showed their own answers to the question of how one can still have fun in the year 2018 – when everyone agrees on how steep everyone slides down the stream.

The exhibition did not only consist of smooth canvases and precise video recordings – bulky rubbish, junk and kitsch found on the street are just as present. “One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Art Exhibition.” Or as Micki Krause says: “Happiness lies on the street”.

K42 Gallery
Kölner Straße 42
57072 Siegen